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After-sales service

In order to better serve the needs of users, Dongguan Jianmeng Chemical has done a good job of guiding the use of timely after-sales service, adhering to the principle of "survival on quality, development on service" as the principle:

1、Commitment to product quality:

1. Original products, quality assurance, all products can provide original factory quality inspection report (COA);
2. Authorized agents, regular supply channels and complete certificates;
3. If there are quality problems with the products provided by us during the warranty period, we are willing to bear corresponding responsibilities.

2、Delivery time commitment:

We ensure that the products we provide are delivered to the designated location at the time required by the demand side. If your company has special requirements, we can negotiate with your company to ensure that the customer's needs are met in a timely manner.

3、Establish a reasonable sales service management system and system:

1. Pre-sale service. Set up a special sales and service organization, complete technical training system, recommend high-quality products according to the actual situation of users, provide free trial samples, and provide professional product use methods. If necessary, professional and technical personnel will be arranged to provide guidance according to user needs.
2. In-sale service. In order to prevent users from improper use and cause unnecessary losses, the company will arrange professionals to provide technical guidance to users during product use. Ensure that the product is used correctly, so that users can use it reasonably and rest assured.
3. After-sales service. Our company responds to after-sale technical services within 2 hours and provides professional technical guidance within 12 hours. In order to better do product after-sales service and receive user feedback in a timely manner, the company has a dedicated after-sales service telephone: 18002882930. Some professionals answer the questions and make timely feedback records, and provide solutions to problems. If there is a need for on-site guidance, the company will arrange relevant professionals to provide timely guidance to the designated location within 24 hours.


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