Pfff! 2016  Philadelphia Free Form Festival

October 17 - October 23, 2016

The Impermanent Society of Philadelphia presents Pfff! 2016, a weeklong celebration of freely improvised sound and movement performance and practice.

The multi-dimensional festival includes a wide range of programming:
    Performances: 10/21-10/23 @ Icebox Project Space
    Workshop: Tuning Scores with Karen Nelson, 10/17-10/20 @ Mascher Space Coop
    Youth education with Girls Rock Philly and Moffet Elementary
    Panel Discussion: 10/21 @ Temple University
    Weekend workshops & practices
    Dinner (and lunch) are served! Festival catering by Carrot Pig

Performance Admission
$10-$15, sliding scale, cash at the door. Dinner/ Lunch $5

Workshop Advanced Tickets
Advanced tickets for Advanced Improvisation Tuning Scores with Karen Nelson coming soon

Stay Tuned
Our festival plans are coming together, the final performer schedule and and workshop details are coming soon. Please sign the Mailing List to stay tuned for the latest updates.


Groupings and performance schedule to be announced soon!

Featured Artists
    Alexander D’Agostino (dance) Baltimore
    Benjamin Bennett (percussion) Philadelphia
    Connor Przybyszewski (trombone) Philadelphia
    Jumatatu Poe (dance) Philadelphia
    Jung Woong Kim (dance) Philadelphia
    Karen Nelson (dance) Seattle
    Neil Feather (inventions) Baltimore
    Shodekeh (voice) Baltimore

Additional Artists
    Claire Elizabeth Barratt (New York) Performance
    Sean Thomas Boyt (Philadelphia) Movement
    Bbob Drake (Ohio) Electronics
    Kaia Gilje (New York City) Performance
    CJ Holm (NYC) Movement
    Jungeun Kim (Philadelphia) Movement
    Eliot Klein (Philadelphia) Multiple instruments
    Elise Knudson (New York City) Movement
    Janna Meiring (Philadelphia) Movement
    Al Margolis (Chester, NY) Violin/ Clarinet
    Robin Meeker-Cummings (Philadelphia) Electronics
    Liz Meredith (Baltimore) Violin
    Peter Redgrave (Baltimore) Movement
    Margaret Rorison (Film) Baltimore
    Julia Santoli (New York City) Performance
    Noemi Segarra (Puerto Rico) Movement
    Jesse Sparhawk (Philadelphia) Harp
    Luke Stewart (Washington DC) Bass
    Andy Thierauf (Philadelphia) Percussion
    Mauri Walton (Philadelphia) Movement

Upcoming Events

Sunday October 9, 2016
  Impermanent Society presents Free Improv in the Streets at the Old City Festival

  ISOP presents a performance program at the Old City Festival on the street outside SUGARCUBE (124 N. 3rd Street)

  Featuring 12 30-minute sets, running every 30 min throughout the Old City Festival, the performance will include Sound and
  Movement Free Improvisation from a rotating cast of musicians and dancers from across Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. All
  performances to take place on the street at 124 N. 3rd Street. Free, Open to the Public
Monday October 17 - Sunday October 23, 2016
  Impermanent Society presents Pfff! 2016 Philadelphia Free Form Festival

  The festival runs from Monday October 17th - Sunday October 23th 2016 and will present a wide range of programming including
  community focused workshops, adult & youth education, panel discussions, professional development and performances.

Past Events

Wednesday August 17, 2016 @ Rigby Mansion
  Quartet: Audrey Chen (Berlin) Voice, Henrik Nørstebø (Norway) Trombone, Chremos (PHL) Movement, Fleisenberg (PHL) Percussion
  Duo: Melinda Faylor (NYC) Piano, Loren Groenendaal (PHL) Movement
  Duo: Fatima Adamu (PHL) Movement/ Voice, Jesse Sparhawk (PHL) Harp

Wednesday July 13, 2016 @ Mascher Space Cooperative
  Katt Hernandez performance and record release:
  Katt Hernandez (Violin, Stockholm, Sweden) performing solo and in collaboration with:
  Dan Blacksberg, Neil Feather, DM Hotep, Connor Przybyszewski, Erik Ruin, Jesse Sparhawk, Jim Strong, Ashley Tini

Sunday July 10, 2016 @ Philadephia Argentine Tango School
  Wilfrido Terrazas (Flute, Mexico City), Stephanie Griffin (Viola, NYC), Asimina Chremos (Movement) Flandrew Fleisenberg (Percussion)
  Trio: Connor Baker (Percussion), Henry Fraser (Bass), Daniel Pencer (Sax)
  Philadelphia Clarinet Quartet: Mickr Kittens, Jim Krull, Jack Wright, Piotr Michalowski

Thursday June 23, 2016 @ Random Tea Room
  Impermanent Society at Random Tea Room:
  Trio: Bhob Rainey/ Aaron Zarzutki/ Ben Bennett
  Solo: Unguent
  Solo: Gabi Losoncy

Thursday, June 16 - Sunday, June 19, 2016
Overlapping Kinespheres Embodied Improvisation and the Global Underscore

  @ Mascher Space Cooperative and various venues across Philadelphia, PA
  A curated schedule presented by the Impermanent Society of Philadelphia.
  3 days of exploration, learning, and connection surrounding the Philadelphia Global Underscore 2016
  Contemplative Dance /// Jam Class Practice /// Contact Improvisation /// Music & Sound /// Performance /// Discussion /// Meals

Sunday June 12, 2016 @ Eris Temple
  3 - 2 - 1 Trio:
  Samuel Lang Budin, Anastasia Clarke, and Sandy Gordon (from NYC)
  Duo: Daniel Fishkin & Jim Strong (PHL)
  Solo: Whoopsy Daisy

April 9, 2016 @ Tango School
  Audrey Chen/ Dave Gross/ Morgan Evans-Weiler/ Michele Tantoco/ Flandrew Fleisenberg

February 19, 2016 @ House Gallery
 Susan Alcorn/ Dom Minasi/ Rosie Langabeer/ Julie Verdone/ Connor Przybyszewski

January 9, 2016 @ Da Vinci Art Alliance
 Michael Foster/ Ben Bennett/ Jasper Stadhouders/ Megan Wilson Stern/ Zornitsa Stoyanova/ Julius Masri/ Shayna Kapeluck/
 Imozoku Butoh/ Jim Strong/ Flandrew Fleisenberg

October 19 - October 25, 2015
NowHere Festival of Free Improvisation in Sound & Movement

 Dedicated to promoting the Free Improvisation artform, the festival included 27 movement and sound artists from across the US.

About Us

The Impermanent Society of Philadelphia

ISOP is a Philadelphia based organization that is focused on promoting freely improvised live performance that focuses on experimental sound and movement. Launched in 2015, ISOP seeks to produce performance and educational programming.

Impermanent Society members represents a broad expanse of experience in event presentation, performance, education, and related fields.

    Donna Blicharz
    Asimina Chremos
    Flandrew Fleisenberg
    Loren Groenendaal
    Rob Kopki
    Jim Strong
    Adam Vidiksis

Mission Statement April 2016

The mission of the Impermanent Society of Philadelphia (ISOP), a group of Philadelphia-area arts practitioners and curators, is to support freely improvised live performance that focuses on experimental sound and movement.

We are committed to serving those in our region (and beyond) who value or may benefit from experiencing improvisatory dance and music that embraces interdisciplinary collaboration, playful interaction, rigorous practice, imaginative use of material, and innovative composition. We are also committed to refining craft; expanding appreciation for and understanding of the art of improvisation; and increasing the awareness of materiality through all sensations.

To this end, ISOP organizes performance and educational programming that develops a dynamic connection between artists and audience members.

Find ISOP Online:
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